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Mukti Board

PT. MUKTI PANEL INDUSTRI specializes primarily in thin MDF boards from 1.5 mm to 5.5 mm with rubberwood as its raw material.

The distribution of the fiber and uniform compactness throughout the MUKTI board enable a smooth surface and edge finish.


Due to is stable and homogeneous characteristics, the MUKTI board can be curved, turned, engraved, pressed, and easily finished through veneering, PVC/paper lining, transparent varnishing or lacquering process. This flexibility allows thin MDF to be an excellent material for producing furnitures such as drawer bottoms and cabinet backs, interior door skins, interior decorative walls, wall ceiling and panels, kitchen accessories, partitions, picture frames, package boxes, etc.

Smooth Surface

The surface smoothness of the sanded board enabled direct application for secondary processing, such as: lamination of patterned wood (veneer), patterned paper, vinyl and PVC.


The versatility of MDF boards has made it an extremely popular material in many appliances. Other common uses of MDF include PCB (printed circuit boards) for computer chips and wiring components, as well as Hi-FI equipments due to its acoustic properties.